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July 7, 2016

Dear Safe Hands,

Thank you for your contribution of alcohol free hand sanitizer to Global Hope India! Your supplies will directly benefit orphans and vulnerable children and adults in India.

A short-term team of volunteers will take the donated supplies and distribute them in cooperation with GHI’s partners. These Indian partners serve local populations with limited access to healthcare services and supplies.

GHI believes that we are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others. Your donation empowers our partners in India to bless others by meeting practical needs as they work to empower and train the next generation of leaders.

We are in the process of making a contribution page of every that has donated, and hope to put your organization on that page. If you would like a tax- deducible receipt, than email me the amount spent on the products and we will get one to you. For tax information, please see below. We are so grateful for your contribution and hope to partner with you again!

Sarah Hitchings
Public Health Intern

safeHands Makes a Sizeable Donation of Alcohol Free Sanitizer to Global Hope India


global hope india

Global Hope India is a non-profit that connects global partners with the 500k unreached villages in India and provides the infrastructure and training that establishes measurable change and lasting hope.

Over 75% of India’s 1.21 billion people suffer in rural, undeveloped villages. Many are without clean drinking water, sanitation, food, electricity, education, or medical care. An estimated 900,000 people die each year as a result of drinking unclean water or breathing polluted air.

The children who survive must grow up in a hopeless life of dehumanizing poverty.  Forty percent of children under three are malnourished. Over half of the world’s 53M orphans live in India. Of India’s 400M children under age fifteen, thirty five million are orphans, eleven million are abandoned, and three million live on the streets.

Diarrhea-related illnesses causes malnutrition and dehydration, and unfortunately many of the children in the orphanage that they provide for are malnourished. One simple solution is hand-washing, which is not possible without soap or hand sanitizer. Diarrhea-related illnesses are actually the second leading cause of death for children under five, and it is preventable!

safeHands LLC, under the direction of CEO Dr. Jay Reubens (Dr. J) , has decided to help support the cause. From its beginning, safeHands’ mission has been to protect consumers and give them non-toxic solutions for smart healthcare. His company will make a generous product donation for the people of India.

Dr. J’s passion is to educate the masses both domestically and internationally about the importance of hand washing and the use of safe and effective hand sanitizers.

To learn more about the importance of alcohol-free hand sanitizers, please visit and

safeHands Makes $5,000 Donation to Flint, MI

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has affected the health and safety of its citizens, especially children. With the lead in the water above federal guidelines, members of the community are getting sick.

Government and school officials have reached out to organizations asking for donations of hand sanitizer and bottled water.
safeHands LLC, under the direction of CEO Dr. Jay Reubens (Dr. J) , has compiled a team of passionate supporters to help the cause. From its beginning, safeHands’ mission has been to protect consumers and give them non-toxic solutions for smart healthcare. His company has made a generous $5,000 product donation for all staff and students at Greater Heights Academy, an elementary school in Flint.

Dr. J’s passion is to educate the masses about the importance of hand washing and the use of safe and effective hand sanitizers.

To learn more about the importance of alcohol-free hand sanitizers, please visit and

SafeHands Customer Profile: Kelly Luton

SafeHands non-toxic, alcohol-free hand sanitizers come in very handy in a variety of everyday situations, such as when you and your family do not have access to clean water and soap for washing your hands. In addition, SafeHands hand sanitizers have been used by our customers, such as Kelly Luton from Nashville, Tennesee, as a way to avoid germs spread by her registered therapy companion dog, Sugar to people at a variety of different locations where she volunteers, including: assisted living centers, health clinics, schools and churches. Moreover, Kelly uses SafeHands unscented, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, rather than alcohol-based hand sanitizers, since Sugar pulls away when alcohol-based or scented hand sanitizers are used.

SafeHands hand sanitizers are a very safe and effective alternative to alcohol-based and scented sanitizers for this type of situation, as well as in many other commercial settings, such as grocery stores, hospitals, and schools, since SafeHands has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective at removing 99.99% of germs. To learn more, visit

Germs Don’t Have to Be Scarrrrry with safeHands


With October marking the start of flu and cold season, there are a lot of germs being spread around at school, home, and other public places, such as parks, restaurants, and the local shopping mall. However, germs don’t have to be scary! for kids! In fact there are many simple preventative measures you can take to help prevent your kids from coming down with the cold or flu. Here are our top three ways to prevent colds and the flu.

1. Make sure that you get your kids flu shots as early as possible from your local doctor or pharmacist, since it takes up to two weeks for flu shots to take effect.

2. Always wash your kid’s hands or remind them to wash them thoroughly with soap and water before and after meals, and following going to the washroom. Also try and get your kids to wash their hands after they have sneezed.

3. If your kids tend to play a lot of outdoor sports, such as soccer, baseball, or football, make sure that they always wash their hands after playing a game or having a practice. If there are no nearby washrooms or portapotty’s you can always use safeHands Alcohol Free hand sanitizer, which kills 99.99% of germs, while moisturizing their skin.

To learn more about our latest non-toxic, alcohol free hand sanitizers, such as safeHands Squirts, visit to find a store near you, such as Walgreens or Albertson’s. If you can’t find a store that sells safeHands by you or don’t live in the U.S., you can always purchase our hand sanitizers on our website at

Simon Property Groups Health Fair and Open Enrollment

safeHands believes in good health. When Simon Property Groups reached out to us to donate to their Health and Open Enrollment Fair,  we didn’t hesitate to send them safeHands.  Here are some photos of the event.

Paper Cut Friendly Hand Sanitizer

If you are on the go and want to keep your hands soft and germ free your best alternative is a hand sanitizer. If you have ever used an alcohol based hand sanitizer, you know that the scent is very strong.  Some people are unable to tolerate alcohol sanitizers. Of if you have ever put alcohol on a paper-cut, you will probably understand this.





What Do People Say About safeHands

“As I have gotten older my skin has gotten drier and drier. Washing my hands frequently with soap and water, especially in the winter, makes my hands look more reptilian than human. Safe Hands is alcohol-free so therefore not as drying as soap and water. Since it kills 99.99% of germs, this is a great alternative if you’re lucky enough to have skin like mine.”


− Regan

“I’ve been using safeHands for about 2 weeks now and I really do LOVE it! So much so that we blew through the samples and I purchased a few bottles at my local Target yesterday. I felt 2 weeks was a good amount of time to give a true honest review. They verdict is in, we have officially switched to safeHands.”


− Landyn

“Ana and I have had a blast trying out all of the scents and deciding where to stash each bottle. One or two are in the car, one in the gym bag, one in the outside pocket of Ana’s lunch bag for school/camp, and a couple are in the house (kitchen and bathroom). Also, we cannot decide which is our favorite scent, but I am leaning towards the green tooty fruity and Ana likes the bubble gum (big surprise). I guess what really matters is that this hand sanitizer is safe for Ana,alcohol free and kills 99.99% of germs.What more can you ask for? And its origin and company story is pretty cool..I just read the entire story on the website, very very cool!!”


− Ana and Zoe

“Now that I’m using alcohol free safeHands… my hands are never dry or never irritated. As a hand-washing expert, I highly recommend safeHands for the general public.”


− Dr. Miller – Dentist

Giveaway Winners: 2015 BAC2School


This contest ended on Sep 1st @ 11:59pm
Here are the Winners as drawn randomly by ContestBurner.

Prize winners are as follows:

1. Kindle Fire HD and case of safeHands®

Winner: Josephine Dean-Cruz

2. Kindle Fire HD and case of safeHands®

Winner: Deneen Lowery

3. Kindle Fire HD and case of safeHands®

Winner: MARY YEE

4. Years supply (case) of safeHands® – Backpack full of school supplies

Winner: Shirley Smith

5. Years supply (case) of safeHands® – Backpack full of school supplies

Winner: Asia Hicks

6. Years supply of safeHands®

Winner: Sam Leigh

7. Years supply of safeHands®

Winner: (mr7566)

8. Years supply of safeHands®

Winner: Jae Cooley

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10. Years supply of safeHands®


Top 10 Must-Have Back To School Items

Yes… dare we say that summer is almost over? It’s time for teachers, parents and students to prep for back to school. The team at safeHands put together their top 10 list.  If you have your own top 10 or essential school list, feel free to add them in the comment section or visit us on Facebook.

Flash Drive – An easy way to transport data to and from school. Most school work, especially for kids in higher grades
requires a computer. A flash drive with a clip or a key-chain is best for safe keeping

Backpack – Sure you can put lots of files in the flash drive, but it still doesn’t replace text books and folders. There all all kinds of options for this essential must have school supply.

Paper – Essential for all students and of course paper comes in all forms from notebooks to legal to sticky notes.

Writing Utensils – Pens and pencils. The younger kids may only require pencils but all grades require pencils especially for that eraser.

Dictionary – Sure we have Google to thank for a quick reference when it comes to spelling and definitions, but nothing beats pulling out a pocket dictionary when kids aren’t near a computer.

Hand sanitizer – To help the prevention of acquiring or spreading illness in the classroom, most teachers ask for it on their back to school lists. If you are looking for an alcohol free alternative, check out safeHands.

Planner – Whether it’s an old-school planner that looks like a notebook or a planning app for phone or tablet it’s always good not to forget when that big science project is due. There are plenty of free apps out there for any need.

Food or Snack Container – Probably one of the most overlooked of school supplies is healthy food or snacks. You’ll need a good container to keep snacks or foods from spilling.

Portable and Mini/Travel things – Kid already have enough to carry around and there are school supplies that will fit in just about any pocket in their backpack. Some of these items include small pencil sharpeners, small staplers,and glue sticks. For older students in high school how about a stain remover pen?

Index Cards – Used for studying notes or making flash cards. Repetition is the mother of all learning and index cards are perfect for studying in a flash.

This is our top ten list, what items would be on your top 10 list. Comment below or visit us on Facebook.