Brence Platner is a filmmaker, innovator, athlete, and magician. He is a
student at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television, and
it is rare to see him without a deck of cards or a coin in hand.

Magician For over four years, Brence has entertained and inspired audiences around the world with his sleight of hand skills.
Filmmaker Brence channels his storytelling abilities to create entertaining and meaningful films and animated shorts.

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Brence is really a top-notch magician who connects with an audience of varying ages, cultures, and abilities. I can’t wait for guests to be back, in person, into our school so that Brence can perform again for our entire school!!

Paige M

Elementary School Teacher in North Dakota

I’m inspired when I see a blossoming talent like Brence Platner rock his craft! You have NEVER seen anything like this before … I promise!!!

Doug Lipp

International Speaker, Author, and Consultant on Service and Leadership

Thank you so much! I have seen magic shows, but none like that! Your tricks were the best I have ever seen!

William B

Elementary Student in Florida