We build and Manage Webstore® For Your Business

Offer customers as many as 40,000 products direct from your company’s own Webstore®


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Let Us Manage Your Webstore

  • We create, host and manage your Webstore on our platform
  • We handle customer service, update product catalog, inventory & pricing
  • We process orders, submit PO & pay vendor & handle all financial reporting & sales tax reporting
  • You keep the difference between the retail price paid by your customer & the wholesale price paid to the vendor, less our fees

An Enterprise Portal Connecting Retailers to Manufacturers & Distributors

We built a portal that easily & efficiently gets thousands of cash sale products listed & sold on branded HME & Pharmacy Webstores created, hosted and managed by Health Mobius. Now retailers can sell thousands of additional items from a virtual warehouse without investing money in inventory, floor space or having to do any “web stuff”.


Offer More Cash-Sale Products To Your Customers

Whether at home or standing in your store, your customers can access 40,000 cash-sale products from 280 manufacturers direct from your company’s Webstore®. No need to hire a fancy web developer to maintain the product catalog, live chat, or inventory. We process orders, ship directly to the customer or store location, pay the vendors, and even handle all financial and sales tax reporting.

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